Minding Houses provides services exclusively for the Mornington Peninsula Area. Firstly we provide a totally professional Cleaning Service for homes, holiday Houses or places of business. Our other service comes into play when you go on holidays; we then mind your house for you and make sure you come back to the same house that you left.

The business was initially set up in order to provide an alternative to house sitting. Need someone to check on your place and pets while you take a trip? Want a local you can trust to check on your holiday house on the Mornington Peninsula?

Minding Houses is your answer. We mind homes on the Mornington Peninsula, when you can’t. We look after your own home and we can keep an eye on your holiday house as well – we do all the work.

Over time many of our clients have inquired as to whether we could provide a cleaning service on a regular basis (not just a pre-return clean) and that demand lead to the introduction of the Cleaning Service Division. We wanted to offer something more personal than the norm so we recruited an experienced Manager and we are now offering what we believe is the most thorough, reliable and professional cleaning service on the Peninsula.

The convenience of having the same company cleaning your house throughout the year and then taking care of it, along with the pets, when you are on holidays has been enthusiastically received. Off course there are clients who just use us for cleaning or when they go on holidays, it’s up to the client; we just try to make life a little easier.

We invite you to meander through the website to learn  about who we are, and to see the complete suite of services that we provide.

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